Kristy Adams - Campaigning for Business, Arts and Social Justice

Kristy Adams with Ruth Davidson MSP - Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party



About Kristy Adams

Kristy is a successful businesswoman who co-owns a design company.

Kristy Adams has experience in business and the voluntary sector previously being a director of a learning board trust overseeing 8 schools.

Kristy was part of a team that delivered a Modern Slavery Garden at Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, to their delight they won a gold medal. Kristy said ‘The idea was to raise awareness of the crime and help victims’. Theresa May visited the garden, I was impressed as it was a difficult time and yet she kept her promise to support us, and later announced a £35 million fund to fight modern slavery at source. The former PM is serious about fighting this horrendous crime and I am too. We reached over 5 million people on twitter and 3 million on TV with the message that modern slavery is in our streets behind closed doors and we can get victims help, thanks to the BBC, RHS and Piers Morgan.

Kristy Adams is committed to all forms of equality, and values acceptance of people of all backgrounds, genders and sexuality.

Kristy was born in Sussex and grew up in Slaugham and Cuckfield, Sussex. Attending Handcross Primary School and Warden Park in Cuckfield and received an honours degree in Contemporary Fine Art from Northampton University. She lives with her husband of twenty-six years and their two adult children.