Kristy Adams

Eating round the world for 20 days in lockdown #1 England – Fish & Chips

We start our round the world food journey tonight in England. But if you live in another country, start from where you live. We could choose beef, roast potatoes with Yorkshire puddings, or the country’s most popular food: curry. Instead, we’re going for the easy to cook option: fish and chips. Now to focus on the job in hand: to eat our way round the world in 20 days.

Fish and chips with mushy peas


4 cod in breadcrumbs, frozen department of supermarket

4 large potatoes, chopped into chip sized lengths

Low calorie cooking spray

2 cloves of garlic

½ large onion chopped

250g frozen peas

100ml chicken stock


  1. Buy cod in breadcrumbs from the frozen department of the supermarket and cook according to instructions. If you are near a fishmonger you can buy haddock and brush with egg and roll in homemade breadcrumbs, spray with low calorie cooking spray and bake for 20 minutes.
  2. Chop 4 large potatoes into chip sized lengths. Place in a microwave bowl, add a little water and microwave on full power for 7 minutes. Remove the chips from the bowl and dry off any moisture on kitchen paper. Spray baking tray with Fry light and place chips on tray, spray chips with Fry light. Bake at 200 degrees for a fan oven, (220 degrees for other ovens) for 30 minutes. Turning after 15 minutes. Or for the really easy option, order takeaway fish and chips!
  3. Mushy peas recipe – Melt 15g butter into a saucepan, add 2 crushed garlic cloves or use lazy garlic (2 teaspoonfuls), half a large onion chopped, place into a saucepan with Fry light, cook lightly until soft. Place 250g of frozen peas and onion and garlic with 100ml of chicken stock into a blender or hand blend in bowl, blend until the peas are mushy. Or for a quicker option, just cook frozen peas.

For fun whilst you’re eating dinner – discuss who are England’s greatest artists, scientists, business people, inventors. What are the weirdest phrases English people use?


We failed to eat England’s best experience of all, afternoon tea, a shocking omission and I apologise. We missed out on a chance to have tea with milk, cucumber sandwiches with the crusts removed, homemade cake, scones, jam and cream, and also to dress for the occasion. I may have to come back to my home country to correct this omission!

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