Kristy Adams

Eating round the world for 20 days in lockdown, day 6 Greece


Today we are eating fresh, healthy food from Greece. Sparkling sea the colour of pale sapphires, bright sunshine and the smell of tanning oil, I was 13 years old on a family holiday to the Greek island of Skiathos. Each day I had lunch from a beach café, well I say café but it was more like a wooden hut. A dollop of Greek yogurt, topped with half a canned peach, dripping with runny honey, I can taste it as I write this! That is definitely going to be the dessert as I can’t find any baklava (hardly an essential but it does taste delicious). Baklava is the pastry made with nuts and honey that was a treat from my childhood, my father would buy it in London and bring it home to Sussex on a Friday night, pieces were allocated so each member of the family had an equal share, it was a diplomatic way to protect us from a family argument!



Selection of Greek foods, feta & olive salad, homemade hummus, charcoal chicken kebabs with Greek yogurt/peaches/honey dessert. 





1 x can of chick peas

3 dessert spoons of tahini – I couldn’t get this so instead used Greek yogurt,

Juice from 1 lemon or equivalent lemon juice from a bottle

Salt and pepper

1/3 Lettuce

½ cucumber chopped

20 cherry tomatoes left whole

4 x tomatoes, cut into chunks

Small jar or can of black olives

Block of feta cheese, cut into small chunks

Charcoal chicken kebabs (from frozen department of the supermarket)

4 x pitta breads

½ can of peaches in juice

1 carton 0% fat Greek yogurt

Runny honey



  1. To make hummus. Place the chick peas, tahini or yogurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a blender. Blend until it becomes a paste, use extra water if its too thick. If you like it spicy add paprika. Place in bowl and dust with small amount of paprika to serve.
  2. Bake charcoal chicken kebabs according to instructions.
  3. To make feta and olive salad. Combine lettuce, cucumber, 4 large tomatoes cut into chunks, olives and chunks of feta cheese.
  4. Place cherry tomatoes into a separate dish, and toast pitta bread for a few minutes on a low setting in the toaster.
  5. Place kebabs in a dish.
  6. Use medium size dish, place Greek yogurt on the bottom, line peach slices on top and drizzle with honey.



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