Kristy Adams


Kristy Adams - Brighton and Hove

Back-packing taught me to connect with people and nature, the smell of the rain forest and sea air is a heady mix. On my return to the UK I trained in commercial management with M&S; it was an excellent grounding in how to lead teams.

Business & Building

I’m a director of our family company working in the building industry, We design innovative solutions for unused roof space, detailed architectural plans and complete planning applications. We only work in partnership with highly skilled specialist loft conversion builders, who deliver excellence in building quality and service.

Education & Arts

For 8 years I led ‘Creative Partnerships’ art and outdoor learning projects in schools, each project successfully delivered improved learning and closed attainment gaps.
As a school governor and director of a learning board trust I worked with teams bringing strategic direction and we saved a school from closure. During the Covid Pandemic I have written, produced and presented online catch up lessons for students aged 6-16 in the UK – career sessions to inspire and ‘health & happiness’ sessions for physical and mental health.
As a former Chairman of an anti modern slavery group my team and I delivered free training seminars to statutory, voluntary organisations and members of the community over 3 years. We highlighted the plight of people trapped modern slavery, gave examples of key signs and how to resource help for survivors.

I’m a member of the NFU and I love to buy British goods, especially those produced by UK farmers. I support campaigns that help the UK to become more sustainable by eating more food from the UK that hasn’t travelled from overseas, look for the red tractor and union jack on packaging.

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